Desired Skills of 2017

Let NW Staffing Resource’s experienced team of Human Resources professionals guide you through the hiring process to land your dream job in 2018.  The five most requested skills that employers are seeking are:

Communication – Practice effectively conveying your ideas to those around you, you’ll be more successful in your current role and more desirable to …

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When Should I Follow up After an Interview

You just had a great interview and were able to get across your qualifications and connect in a meaningful way with the hiring manager. After a job interview with a potential employer, it’s important to follow up with a thank you note and seize the opportunity to remind them why they should hire you!

We recommend …

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Why Using a Staffing Agency is Crucial to Keeping Your Business Up and Running

There are a litany of reasons to use a staffing agency in your business. There are two major benefits that often trump all other reasons: productivity and profit.

Productivity is one of the greatest benefits of using a staffing agency for employee recruiting.  By letting a staffing agency take care of recruiting for you, you give …

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5 Tips to Writing a Better Resume

Great news! You don’t have to be J.K Rowling or Albert Einstein to create a great, professional resume. All you need to do is a create an organized, easily understood document that accurately depicts your skillset.

Here are a few tips to do just that:

1. Highlight your skill set.

Look at the job description for the job …

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Leverage Social Media in Your Job Search

Most job seekers aren’t using their biggest asset when it comes to searching for a new position: social media. Your social network can be your biggest advocate. And that doesn’t mean the LinkedIn profile you created five years ago…

Update your LinkedIn profile to include your skill set, positions, accomplishments and get recommendations. The first step …

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Vancouver Branch Healthiest Employer Finalist

NW Staffing Resources was recently recognized by the Vancouver Business Journal as a 2017 Healthiest Company finalist.  This designation is awarded to companies in Southwest Washington that take strides in promoting workplace wellness with their employees.   NW Staffing’s innovative Wellness Program and a work environment that encourages each employee to reach wellness goals …

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5 Tips to Write a Better Cover Letter

A cover letter is meant to help you stand out from other applicants.  It can boost your already promising resume to the next stage of the hiring process, or it can make a promising candidate seem boring. Writing a good cover letter is an art, and because we’re experts in getting hired, we’re going to …

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How Much Does Employee Turnover Cost My Business?

We’ve all heard this: turnover is very costly. But, how many companies can truly quantify that cost?

There are certainly some very hard costs like job board posting, recruiting companies or human resources man hours. In fact, some studies by organizations such as SHRM predict that every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs …

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When Should I Start Preparing For My Upcoming Interview?

In interviews, your job is to convince a potential employer you have the skills, knowledge, and experience for the job. When you can relate to a recruiter or interviewer, you’re closer to procuring an offer to interview or for employment. As soon as you are offered an interview, there are steps you can take before …

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3 Must-Have Skills for Clerical Staff

The clerical staff is the backbone of the office, making sure everything happens. Clerical staff is responsible for the basic functions around the office. They typically require these three skills:


You may have to compose emails or transfer phone calls. You will need to explain directions clearly and understand directions. Ask questions to understand your new …

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