Lead Your Team With a Positive Outlook

A leader’s attitude is contagious, whether good or bad. Your team will follow your lead and while it is important to be realistic, you can be both positive and realistic. Keeping upbeat is important in the everyday tasks but can also make or break a major project. When you’re a positive leader, your team will …

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Top Questions to Ask an Employer During Your Interview

One of the most common job interview mistakes you can make is not asking the right questions of a potential employer. After all, the interview is just as much about them as it is you. You need to make sure if offered the job, you’d really be happy working with them. It is unwise to …

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Four Ways to Learn New Skills Online For Free

It’s never too late to learn new skills. Whether it’s for your career or personal development, new skills can help you in your current role as well as catapult you into a new role. The idea of learning something new is exciting, but where do you even start? How much will it cost? Do you …

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Our Guide On Establishing an Effective Anti-Harassment Policy

A safe, comfortable and productive workplace – that’s what you want to provide for your team. One of the best ways to ensure your team feels protected is to maintain effective anti-harassment policies. The start of a new year is a great time to make sure your policies are up-to-date and clearly reflect the growth …

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Top Questions Hiring Managers Will Ask You in Your Dental Associate Interview

You’ve made it to the next steps of the dental associate interview process! Even with all your education, resume preparation, and job searches, you will probably still be feeling nervous about this part. After all, this could make or break your chances for the job.

First things first; get to know the company. Read about their …

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Tips to Accelerate Your Job Search

Have you decided to search for a new job? Maybe you need more of a challenge, want to expand your career path or just want a change. Don’t let the excitement of new possibilities and great opportunities be diminished by a long, drawn-out search. Use some of these tips to accelerate your job search and …

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How to Evaluate Job Offers

After lots of applications, interviews, and late nights, you’ve received an offer! Take a minute to inhale deeply and savor a job well done; your perseverance has paid off. As tempting as it might be to accept right away, you’ll want to look at the offer carefully before making any kind of decision. With a …

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Pro Tips for Finding the Best Employees

Is your business ready to bring on a new employee? Whether you’re filling a vacant position or creating a new one, you want the best talent at your firm. NW Staffing Resources has been recruiting and vetting high-quality candidates for over 35 years. We’re sharing a few things we’ve learned to help make your hiring …

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5 Tips for Being a Successful Administrative Assistant

Being an administrative assistant isn’t easy! It requires skills, smarts, and dedication to stand out in the field.  Here are a handful of ways to be the best of the best:

Be Organized

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s hard to emphasize this one enough. As the administrative assistant in an office, you’re not only …

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What to Expect on Your First Day

Starting a new job is always a bit daunting, but a temporary position can feel even more nerve-wracking. Don’t let it get to you! NW Staffing has your back with great advice for your first day:

Pay attention to confirmation emails

Congrats on landing your new gig! In a lot of ways, your job starts before you …

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