Desired Skills of 2017

Let NW Staffing Resource’s experienced team of Human Resources professionals guide you through the hiring process to land your dream job in 2018.  The five most requested skills that employers are seeking are:

  1. Communication – Practice effectively conveying your ideas to those around you, you’ll be more successful in your current role and more desirable to Portland-area employers.
  2. Organization – The more organized you are, the more efficient you can be.
  3. Flexibility – Things change quickly in our fast-paced world. Employers want an employee who can adapt and make changes in the workplace seamlessly.
  4. Creativity – The best ideas come from collaborative teams that can examine problems and find new solutions
  5. Goal-oriented – Companies today are focused on hitting profits, and having a goal-oriented teammate is very valuable.

Working with a professional recruiter gives you the best opportunity to find your next clerical job in the Northwest.  A recruiter can help you develop the needed skills employers are looking to hire for.  As the area’s best staffing agency with locations in PortlandClackamasBeavertonEverett, and Vancouver, our skilled recruiters will provide guidance as you develop your skill set, interview and get hired. If you’re ready to find a new clerical job, call NW Staffing now.


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