5 Tips for Being a Successful Administrative Assistant

Being an administrative assistant can be rewarding and fun – but it isn’t easy! This job requires skills, smarts, and a dedication to stand out in the field. Here are a handful of ways to do your best:

Be Organized

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s hard to emphasize this one enough. As the administrative assistant in an office, you’re not only responsible for keeping yourself organized but keeping your team organized as well. Calendars, emails, meetings, managing mail, even calling in the catering – devise a fool-proof system to keep all your ducks (and colleagues) in a row.

Be Adaptable

What happens when every task is suddenly top priority? Does your supervisor like emails, but your project manager prefer you to call? Being adaptable is key to striking a balance in your busy administrative role. Get to know your team, learn to prioritize, be flexible, and stay on top of the details.

Be Reliable

Your job is to make your team’s job easier. Go above and beyond showing up on time and being ready to work. Be the person your team can count on for special projects, random questions (you can always Google it), and meeting deadlines. Your willingness to take on any task – big or small – will help make you an asset to the company.

Be Professional

You may be moving a million miles a minute while your inbox stacks up just as fast, but as far as anyone else knows, you’re cool as a cucumber. Working in a fast-paced office environment can be stressful, but it’s important to stay professional when faced with daunting to-do lists or cranky clients. Being the calm in the chaos will help keep your department on track.

Think Big Picture

We make a lot of reference calls in the staffing industry, and we’ve found the ability to think in terms of “the big picture” is a common point of praise from past supervisors. Is one client meeting going to throw off the schedule for the whole day? Did the marketing department send documents with the wrong dates? The key is finding a solution before your team even knows there’s a problem.

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September 30th, 2022

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