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Benefits of Taking Temporary Work Assignments

Temp jobs can sometimes feel like a step in the wrong direction in the course of your career. In the past, they have not always been highlighted in the best light but the employment world has gone through some positive changes. More and more companies are keeping their team fluid and adapting to career moves …

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5 Tips For Improving Team Communication

It is critical for your team to communicate well. You want each person to feel comfortable enough to speak their mind, approach other team members and voice their ideas. While communication may seem like a simple task, you can work daily to improve it and improve your overall team dynamic with these 5 tips:  

Keep an …

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When Should I Start Preparing For My Upcoming Interview?

In interviews, your job is to convince a potential employer you have the skills, knowledge, and experience for the job. When you can relate to a recruiter or interviewer, you’re closer to procuring an offer to interview or for employment. As soon as you are offered an interview, there are steps you can take before …

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3 Must-Have Skills for Clerical Staff

The clerical staff is the backbone of the office, making sure everything happens. Clerical staff is responsible for the basic functions around the office. They typically require these three skills:


You may have to compose emails or transfer phone calls. You will need to explain directions clearly and understand directions. Ask questions to understand your new …

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