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Taking Productive Lunch Breaks

Want to make your lunch breaks more productive? Try these ideas!

Stretch your legs.

Get outside and take a walk. It will improve your circulation and expose you to sunlight and vitamin D, which boosts your immune system and metabolism.

Build a relationship.

Connect with your mentor and invite him/her out to lunch – she/he needs to eat, too …

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Simple ways to squeeze in fitness at work

Most experts agree that for good health, adults should strive for a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise nearly every day, and more if you are overweight.

What if you’re stuck behind a desk all day? Unfortunately for many people, the workplace reinforces a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting for hours on end noticeably increases sluggishness …

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Asking for a Reference

For many people, asking for a letter of reference is nerve-wracking. Who do you ask? What should they say? Let’s cover some of these topics:

Who should write the letter?

The best letters are from people you know well and worked alongside – managers, colleagues, etc. Form letters and brief letters written by people who know you …

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Are your employees and bosses Facebook “friend” worthy?

It’s safe say that Facebook pops up in the workplace from time to time. Whether through client work, conversations, sharing photos, or distracting us from an important deadline, it’s a common occurrence.

But when it comes to being Facebook friends with the people you work with, specifically your supervisor, manager, director, or anyone who in fills …

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