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Minimize Work History Gaps on Your Resume with Temporary Assignments

While you are looking for your ideal job, temporary work assignments in your industry/occupation can keep your employment history current. This is especially true if you have worked for a staffing company in the past.

Let’s say you are an administrative assistant and are looking for a long-term admin role at a firm, but there is …

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Leveraging Professional LinkedIn Groups to Find Jobs

Of all the social media sites available these days, LinkedIn is the top one for professional networking. When used correctly, it can be your best resource for finding a new job and knowing how to leverage the groups will help yield even more solid results. These groups are categorized by job fields, locations, employment type …

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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job Before Gaining New Employment

There are times in life when going to work on a daily basis can feel like the hardest thing you’ve ever done and maintaining a positive, professional attitude feels like a 24/7 chore. You might be tempted to quit your job before you have another one lined up but here are 4 reasons that might …

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How Is Your Relationship With Your Recruiter?

If you are job searching, you have probably been contacted by a recruiter at least once or twice. Did you know that a job recruiter has access to jobs that aren’t always openly advertised as well as connections that trust them to find qualified talent? Working with a recruiter can save you time, headache and …

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Tips on How to Make Your Meetings More Productive

Meetings are a workplace necessity. They bring the right people together, they turn ideas into actions and they can determine the future of the company. Want to make them even more productive? Try these tips to make your meetings even better:

Start on time.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but have you ever noticed how one …

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Fast Facts To Make You Standout as a Candidate

You’ve searched and searched and finally found a job you think would be a great fit. The bad news is, others probably are in the same situation. How do you make yourself stand out as a candidate from others who are just as qualified and just as eager for a chance?

Here are some fast facts …

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Five Steps to Ensure a Successful Tenure in a Temporary Hire

Temporary workers fill a critical gap in your team. They are usually hired for an immediate need and expected to hit the ground running from day one. These hires should understand their roles and can help your company reach goals without a high financial strain. It can be exhausting cycling through these temporary hires, but …

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Here is Why You Should Be Attending Open Houses and Job Fairs

The internet has made job searching much easier than in the past. You can look up jobs offered, find the HR manager, and even learn about the company, without leaving your house. This also means more applicants are applying for jobs, even if they aren’t completely qualified for those positions. Hiring managers now have more …

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How Are You Evaluating Job Candidates?

Your day is filled with interviews. This is the group that made it through the initial HR review of online applications and resumes. They are now ready for their in-person interview and it means a more focused set of questions. Are you prepared to evaluate these candidates? How are you evaluating them? Do you feel …

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How to Make a Five-Year Plan for Your Career

One of employers’ favorite questions always seems to be something along the lines of: What are your career goals or where do you see yourself in five years? While it may seem silly to plan that far ahead in an ever-changing career field, their goal is to learn more about your dreams, goals and how …

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