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Learn to Get Your Foot in the Door Before the Interview

It’s no secret that most employers like to hire from within. If you’re applying for a job with a lot of insiders applying, it might be noticeably more difficult to make an impression on the hiring manager. When you’re not on the inside, there are still ways you can get your foot in the door …

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Balancing the Costs Between Manual Labor and Robots

As an employer, you want to create a safe and productive workplace. This means finding the best options for your particular field and can include deciding whether to hire manual labor or utilize robots. There is a cost associated with both and you might be trying to decide which makes more sense. Use the following …

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Three Tips To Win The Interview For a Direct Hire

You’ve made it to the interview process, congratulations!

Your next goal is to be hired, right? Chances are you’ve studied the company, know what to wear to the interview, and even know the right you’ll take the day of the interview. You’re prepared for most of it but are there ways to help ensure a direct …

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5 Ways to Be a Strong Team Player

Does it feel like every week you hear something new about being on a team? We’ve all been on teams during some stage in our lives, but do you struggle with teamwork as an adult? It can feel like a fine line between being a team player and pushing to advance your own career goals. …

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Lead Your Team With a Positive Outlook

A leader’s attitude is contagious, whether good or bad. Your team will follow your lead and while it is important to be realistic, you can be both positive and realistic. Keeping upbeat is important in the everyday tasks but can also make or break a major project. When you’re a positive leader, your team will …

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Our Guide On Establishing an Effective Anti-Harassment Policy

A safe, comfortable and productive workplace – that’s what you want to provide for your team. One of the best ways to ensure your team feels protected is to maintain effective anti-harassment policies. The start of a new year is a great time to make sure your policies are up-to-date and clearly reflect the growth …

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What to Expect on Your First Day

Starting a new job is always a bit daunting, but a temporary position can feel even more nerve-wracking. Don’t let it get to you! NW Staffing has your back with great advice for your first day:

Pay attention to confirmation emails

Congrats on landing your new gig! In a lot of ways, your job starts before you …

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Why First Impressions Are The Key to Your Next Interview

Did you know that an employer may decide whether they should hire you within minutes of meeting you?  Our NW Staffing recruiters have the insight for making a great first impression:


You’ve been selected for an interview, but a standout resume will only take you so far. Greet your interviewer warmly – with good eye contact, …

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Why Using a Staffing Agency is Crucial to Keeping Your Business Up and Running

There are a litany of reasons to use a staffing agency in your business. Two of the major benefits are productivity and profit.

Productivity is one of the greatest benefits of using a staffing agency for recruitment.  Letting a staffing agency take care of the recruitment and hiring process for you gives your staff improved focus …

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Vancouver Branch Healthiest Employer Finalist

NW Staffing Resources was recently recognized by the Vancouver Business Journal as a 2017 Healthiest Company finalist.  This designation is awarded to companies in Southwest Washington that take strides in promoting workplace wellness with their employees.   NW Staffing’s innovative Wellness Program and a work environment that encourages each employee to reach wellness goals …

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