5 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work (When Every Day Feels Like Groundhog Day)

Yesterday was Groundhog Day. Phil (the Groundhog) predicted that this year will see an early Spring. For all of us enduring a rainy, snowy Winter season, this is good news! Early Spring or not, we all need a little extra motivation for those weeks where we feel like Bill Murray; waking up to the same day over and over again. Therefore, we’ve compiled our five favorite ways to keep yourself motivated at work.

1. Break down big goals

A big goal, however exciting it may be, can be daunting when you first start to tackle it. By breaking down your goal into micro goals you can check off smaller tasks while simultaneously getting closer to completing your overall goal. Not sure how to tackle goals? Read our post on creating goals here!

2. Celebrate wins

Remember to celebrate a job well done. Whether you’ve completed a task that was intimidating, or completed a hard project, you deserve a pat on the back. Celebrating yourself and your work motivates you to continue to produce good work.

3. Move your body

Sitting at a desk all day long can cramp your style. Literally. Utilize your break times to take a walk around the block or your office space. Have a meeting? Ask to make it a walking meeting so that you can get your body moving. In addition, moving your body has been proven to help spark new ideas and fire off parts of your brain you may otherwise not be utilizing. Double motivation win!

4. Write it down

Make a list and check things off. Start your day by making a to-do list of all the tasks you need to get done for that day to keep yourself organized and on track. Keep a separate list on your desk for personal to-dos. That way, when ideas pop up you can write them down and tackle them when you get home or during a break.

5. Challenge yourself!

It’s been proven that challenging oneself supports a motivated midset. So, set a challenging professional goal for yourself. Learn a new skill, or put yourself in a place that may be outside of your comfort zone. Most importantly: believe in yourself! You’ve got this!

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