How Is Your Relationship With Your Recruiter?

If you are job searching, you have probably been contacted by a recruiter at least once or twice. Did you know that a job recruiter has access to jobs that aren’t always openly advertised as well as connections that trust them to find qualified talent? Working with a recruiter can save you time, headache and get you hired faster. Maintaining that relationship is critical throughout your time with them and can boost your career in many ways. Here are some quick ways to keep a strong relationship with your recruiter:

Let them know how you’re doing, good or bad.

If you are having any problems, they should be part of the solution. They might have insight on how that particular company prefers to deal with personal problems and might know the exact person to discuss it with. They can also act as a liaison if something was mishandled.

Take their advice.

There is nothing more frustrating to a recruiter than to offer insight and have it not taken by the candidate. The recruiter has taken the time to cultivate a relationship with the potential employer and knows their likes and dislikes. The company may prefer a more formal business dress for interviews, the recruiter tells you that information and you go in wearing business casual. Use the knowledge of the recruiter to your advantage. They are on your side, rooting for your success. They will be more likely to submit you for all kinds of great positions if they see you as someone they are proud to represent.

Use them.

Ask for help with interviews, resumes, and anything else job-related. Their success is dependent on yours so they will be willing to take time to work with you. Mock interviews, resume reviews, and even relocation help are all things your recruiter will assist with if you show yourself to be a worthy candidate.

Update them.

Maybe you got hired on full-time and no longer need a recruiter’s help. Don’t forget about them. Send a Christmas email, summer update or even just an email to say hi. You never know when that relationship will need to gear up again for a job search. You’ve worked together in the past and achieved success so it is safe to say they are an advocate for you in the future. Let them know how things are going and thank them for their help. Trust and long-term relationships are invaluable to them.

When you work with a recruiter, you’ll save time and effort, while learning a lot in the process. You’ll come to appreciate what they have to offer and you can build a lasting professional relationship. With locations in PortlandClackamasBeavertonEverett, and Vancouver, our skilled recruiters are ready to help you take the next step in your career. If you’re excited for a new challenge, call NW Staffing today.

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