4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job Before Gaining New Employment

There are times in life when going to work on a daily basis can feel like the hardest thing you’ve ever done and maintaining a positive, professional attitude feels like a 24/7 chore. You might be tempted to quit your job before you have another one lined up but here are 4 reasons that might not be a smart move:

  1. You will be tempted to take the first new position offered to you. After all, you are unemployed and the financial and emotional strain might prove to be too much. Everyone around you will be asking about your employment and it can be easier to just take a job rather than really search. Financially, you will probably begin to feel the burden of being without a job and that is not a great reason for saying yes to a new position.
  2. You might be ignoring some red flags. Do you love the work but dislike the people or do you dislike the work and like the people? You need to decide if the work you do is something you want to do long-term or you merely put up with it because you enjoy your co-workers. If you don’t feel fulfilled from the work, what makes you think you’ll do better at a new company? Take time to analyze these feelings before jumping ship.
  3. You need to improve. Are you stalled at this job because of your own shortcomings? If you took some extra classes, certifications, could you move forward to a better role? Do you really want to move to a new company where you will be in the newly-hired position and low ranking just to realize you are still underachieving? Why not stay where you are and work harder to improve your skillset and reach a better position.
  4. You need to have a plan. Think about the last time you made a professional decision based on feelings, rather than facts and how it turned out. Maybe it was good, but chances are, it could have been bad. If you leave a job without something else in place, you might feel regret as well as a missing purpose which can lead to depression. Those negative feelings will make finding a great new opportunity that much more difficult. A plan, whether for a new job, furthering education or even for contract work will keep you in a forward progression.

These four items are important to keep in mind but always remember you should never settle for a job that is harmful. Use your network and staffing companies to find something new and exciting. The right job is just around the corner. With locations in PortlandClackamasBeavertonEverett, and Vancouver, our skilled recruiters are ready to help you take the next step in your career. If you’re excited for a new challenge, call NW Staffing today.

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