Unemployment vs Working with a Staffing Agency

You, along with thousands of others, may have found yourself laid off due to the coronavirus. Wondering if you should start up your job search or wait for that unemployment check to come in? Here are a few reasons why getting back to work is better for your income and your well-being.

Weekly Pay and Benefits

Undoubtedly we can get you a paycheck before the employment department can pay out benefits. If you need money now, we can quickly find you work. Plus, all of our employees enjoy benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance.

Avoid the Hassle of Unemployment Claims

The process for filing for an unemployment claims is time-consuming and cumbersome. Not to mention the required weekly reporting to the employment department. When you’re working you’ll avoid all of that while collecting a paycheck each week.

Unprecedented numbers of people are now filing for unemployment. This will inevitably cause payment delays. Possibly even shortages and lapses in benefits. We offer financial stability that is consistent and reliable without all of the ongoing paperwork.

Unemployment can be claimed for a maximum of 26 weeks per year. Once that time is up benefits are exhausted for that year. The economy and job market may be worse at that time. Take jobs as they come and save unemployment as a safety net for when you most need it.

Get Your Foot in the Door

Start a job today to work toward a future of financial growth, opportunity, and self-sustained stability. Temporary work is a foot in the door with an employer. Prove yourself and the opportunities will come. When you work with a staffing agency, you have the opportunity to work towards a career.  Unemployment, on the other hand, offers no opportunity to build upon.

As the economy goes into a recession, employees are being laid off in large numbers. As a result, the job market will eventually become highly competitive. We will soon return to a time when there will be more applicants than jobs. In that environment an employee that has kept busy – taking temporary assignments, maintaining their skills and learning new ones – will be a far more competitive candidate. Not only that, but working with a staffing agency increases your network as you look for a new job.

Are you hoping to eventually return to the employer that laid you off? This can be an opportunity for you to try out new jobs, new industries, and new employers. You might find a better position than the one you had before! If you haven’t had time to explore different job options while you were working, look at this time as an opportunity for growth.

The level of uncertainty in the job market and economy is high right now. Regular employment offers stability and security in a time when that is hard to come by. Unemployment claims have a maximum benefit, and limited duration. With determination and patience, a career can offer limitless opportunity and growth!

If you would like an opportunity to get out of the house, stay active, and work for an essential employer give us a call today! We have opportunities to work with companies that are making a difference amidst these challenging times – as well as opportunities to work remotely. Contact us today!

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