Top Tips for being a Stand-Out Candidate with Working with a Staffing Agency

When you work with a staffing agency, you are still engaging in an interview with potential employers. Likely, you will be asked to provide a resume, and sometimes a cover letter when you apply. You will walk through an application process, phone screen and in person interview with a recruiter who will help to understand your career aspirations and goals. Staffing agencies are here to be a resource for their candidates, here are our favorite ways you can be a great candidate to work with.


Honesty: When interviewing with a recruiter, be honest of your experience, expectations and desires for a position. If you are only available for a short amount of time, have a specific industry you are targeting or only have certain days you are available to work, be honest about that so the recruiter can best serve both you and their clients when matching you with potential jobs.

Keep an open mind: If your end goal is a full-time permanent position, be open to temporary or contract positions in the interim. Sometimes these positions can turn into a full-time gig, or other times if you are willing to work a short contract, it sets you apart to the recruiter from the other candidates that told them no. Remember, your recruiter will be your advocate when they are presenting you for a new job.

Follow up in a timely manner: Chances are, if you are receiving an email or phone call about a potential job from a recruiter, so are others. Recruiters work hard to please their candidates and their clients by matching the right applicants for the job and doing it quickly. If a recruiter can’t get ahold of you, or if you don’t return their calls or emails, they may assume you are no longer interested in working with their agency or that you have found a job on your own.

Communication: Just as recruiters expect you to get back to them in a timely manner, they expect and appreciate good communication. Many candidates use “good communicator” on the resume and while chatting in an interview. The best way to prove this is to follow up with your actions. If you have found a job on your own—send a quick email to your recruiter to thank them for their effort and let them know you will no longer need their services. This can go a long way—especially if you find yourself in need of a staffing resource in the future.

Lastly- be prepared: When you get that coveted assignment or first day email, please read it. Then read it again. Make sure you know what time you are to report to your position, what you are to wear and where you are to go. The last thing a recruiter wants to get is a call from you the morning of job new job with you asking these questions. If you do have questions, be sure to communicate them to your recruiter after receiving and reading your instructional email.


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