Working With a Staffing Agency: What to Expect

During these challenging times more people are turning to staffing agencies to help them with their job search. Why? Because staffing agencies have connections with local employers looking to fill jobs immediately. If you find yourself wanting to reach out to a staffing agency for the first time, here are some helpful tips:

Have your resume polished and ready-to-go.

A recruiter will require your resume to have on file and to send on your behalf to potential employers. Before handing over your resume make sure that you’ve recently reviewed it and that it’s up to date. Is your personal information – including home address and contact phone number – accurate? Have you listed your complete education and job history? Having a polished resume before contacting a recruiter will save you time in your job search. (Read our resume-writing tips here)

Know what type of position you are ready to commit to.

Staffing agencies partner with employers to help fill positions that offer a range of weekly schedules and overall durations. You may be asked what type of position you are open to working. Are you open to both part-time and full-time work? Do you prefer an overnight schedule or an 8a-6p? Letting your recruiter know what positions and durations you are open to working will help them to tailor the opportunities they send your way.

Temporary, Temporary-to-Hire, and Direct Placement

You might hear the terms: temporary (or contract), temporary-to-hire, or direct placement. In a contract or temporary position you’ll be working for a pre-defined length of time – usually a few days or weeks, sometimes longer. You might be hired in a temporary role for a seasonal need, to cover a medical leave of absence, or as extra support during a project. Working temporary jobs offers a flexible schedule that is ideal for many people.

Occasionally employees working in a temporary role will be hired on as a regular employee with the employer. Temp-to-hire positions can be a great way to get your foot in the door in a new industry. Does that sound like something you might be interested in? Be sure to let your recruiter know.

In a direct placement position a candidate is recruited to be placed directly on the payroll of the hiring company. Are you looking for a career move in your current industry? Direct placement opportunities are a great reason to reach out to a staffing agency. You will have access to jobs that may not be advertised anywhere else.

Stay in touch.

Remember, your recruiter wants you to succeed. Be sure to keep up with communication! Know that in some cases recruiters may be working on deadlines with companies to fill positions. The sooner you can get back to them the better it is for your job search.

Interested in working with a staffing agency and want to learn more? Contact your local NW Staffing Resources branch. Or, search our available positions here.

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