5 Tips to Write a Better Cover Letter

A cover letter is meant to help you stand out from other applicants.  It can boost your already promising resume to the next stage of the hiring process, or it can make a promising candidate seem boring. Writing a good cover letter is an art, and because we’re experts in getting hired, we’re going to share a few secrets with you on how to land your dream job.  Here are our tips:

1. Customize your cover letter.

Cover letters are not a one size fits all for every job that you are applying to. A cover letter should highlight the skills an employer is seeking a particular position. Every cover letter should be slightly different by tailoring your language to be similar to the open job.

2. Keep it short.

No one wants to read a novel.

3. Don’t assume you know who you’re talking to.

Don’t address the letter to a particular person, unless you have the name of the hiring manager.

4. Get your grammar and punctuation right.

A few errors can make you seem unpolished and unprofessional.

5. Close strong.

Make sure you close out with something that makes the person reading want to take action and call you.

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