Leadership Team

Helping Match Top Talent with Opportunities in Our Communities

Our leadership team and branch staff are experts at finding the perfect candidate matches for the staffing needs of local companies. The long tenures of many of our staff has helped to create a best-in-class experience for both our candidates and our clients. Our friendly approach to our work encourages regular feedback from our staff, employees and clients, ensuring that our teams are providing high-quality service at all times.
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Jennie Taylor

NW Staffing Tenure: 24 Years
Staffing Industry Experience: 24 Years

Francis Faragalli

Chief Financial Officer
NW Staffing Tenure: 4 Years
Staffing Industry Experience: 4 Years

Paul Thielemann

Human Resource Manager
NW Staffing Tenure: 16 Years
Staffing Industry Experience: 16 Years

Kristen McConnell

Westside Area Manager - Portland and Beaverton Branches
NW Staffing Tenure: 25 Years
Staffing Industry Experience: 25 Years

Serra Coate

Branch Manager - Clackamas
NW Staffing Tenure: 12 Years
Staffing Industry Experience: 14 Years

Sheraz Hussain

Branch Manager - Everett
NW Staffing Tenure: 5 Months
Staffing Industry Experience: 7 Years

Wendie Richards

Branch Manager - Sacramento
US Navy Veteran
NW Staffing Tenure: 15 Years
Staffing Industry Experience: 20 Years

Hailey Mark

Branch Manager - Vancouver
NW Staffing Tenure: 6 Years
Staffing Industry Experience: 6 Years

Sibonne Portillo

Division Manager - Food Processing
NW Staffing Tenure: 3 Years
Staffing Industry Experience: 3 Years

Anneke Haslett

Account Manager - Legal NW
NW Staffing Tenure: 23 Years
Staffing Industry Experience: 24 Years

Tracie Basile

Sales Director
NW Staffing Tenure: 1 Year
Staffing Industry Experience: 22 Years

Christy Holland

Marketing Specialist
NW Staffing Tenure: 7 Months
Staffing Industry Experience: 7 Months

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