The History of Staffing Agencies

Present day, there are over 20,000 staffing agencies across the United States, according to the American Staffing Association. Staffing companies have been able to help connect people to jobs in every field from janitorial to legal to engineering and beyond.

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What Employees Look for in Management

While there are a lot of “nice to haves” that employees want in their management, these are the overwhelming top four that employees look for, especially when they are starting a new job and likewise forming a new relationship with their management.

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New Year, New Goals.

Happy New Year! It’s officially a new month, a new year and a new decade.

Perhaps you spent some time over the holidays recapping your last year and looking towards this next year as you set goals and develop metrics to achieve them.

Or, perhaps you’ve skipped over that entire process because it seems excessively …

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Winter Spotlight: Holiday Fun in the PNW

Thanksgiving is over and if you’re anything like us, you are humming a Christmas tune on your way into work and feeling the cheer that comes along with this season. Maybe you have a few precious PTO days left in 2019, or you want to create memories with your friends and family on the weekends …

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Creating an Amazing LinkedIn Profile

Do you have LinkedIn? These days, it’s hard to find someone without a profile and robust network on LinkedIn. Many college business classes require students to create their own LinkedIn profile to showcase their achievements and begin to grow their professional network. Whether you are looking for a new job and want to make sure …

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NW Staffing Employee Interview: Regional Branch Manager, Kristen McConnell

We’re back with another employee spotlight this month. You may have had the pleasure of meeting Kristen McConnell if you’ve worked with the Portland Branch. This fall, she transitioned to Regional Branch Manager, overseeing and splitting her time between both the Portland Branch and the Beaverton Branch. If you are lucky enough to work with …

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Safety First: Ensuring Your Work Environment is Safe

We talk a lot about safety at NW Staffing Resources. From our monthly safety committee meetings to our mandatory worksite evaluations for any clients that we work with, we understand that safety on the job not only gives employees peace of mind but ensures that daily tasks run smoothly. There are many different work environments …

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NW Staffing Employee Interview: Vancouver Branch Manager Hailey Mark

Today we are highlighting our new Vancouver Branch Manager, Hailey Mark as she sat down with us to share her tips, experience and knowledge around the staffing industry and Vancouver, Washington. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Hailey, I hope you will enjoy this interview as we get to know her …

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Fall Spotlight: Celebrate Autumn with NW Staffing’s Everett Branch

We had so much fun creating a fall to-do list for Autumn that included the communities of our Portland Metro Area Branches- you can read about it here– that we had to create one for our Everett Branch Community. We hope that you will embrace those gloomy, rainy, Pacific Northwest fall days and …

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Fall Spotlight: What to do on the weekends in and around Portland

Here at NW Staffing, we value working hard during the week just as much as we value being a part of our community in our downtime. Fall is officially here as of this past weekend and to celebrate, we’ve rounded up four things to celebrate Autumn in our beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Vancouver Farmers Market

Head to the …

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