Interview with NW Staffing Former General Manager

I sat down with former NW Staffing General Manager, Molly Kalomiris to chat about the legacy of NW Staffing Resources. I hope you’ll find the history and legacy of this company as delightful as I did!

Molly, what has your role been within the company, and how long were you with NW Staffing. Tell me the …

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NW Staffing Awarded 100 Best Company to work for in Oregon 2019

Once again, we are honored to join the other 99 amazing companies to round out the 100 Best Companies to work for in 2019. Please join us as we celebrate this great award. It’s the people that make up a company and we are so grateful to have folks at NW Staffing that stick to …

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3 Ways to Stay Healthy and Avoid Spreading Workplace Germs

Along with the holiday cheer of winter time also comes the germs of the season. As temporary workers, the possibility of floating between many offices or assignments during this season is very likely. And, with so much interaction between offices the chance of catching and spreading germs is also very likely. We’ve complied our favorite …

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Happy Holidays from NW Staffing

2018 is quickly coming to a close and 2019 will be here before we know it! We are so grateful to have worked with so many amazing clients and candidates throughout our seven branches this past year.

We believe that supporting our communities is a privilege and responsibility we have as a company. In 2018 we …

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NW Staffing Stories: An Interview with Maya Lucas

Last week at a busy coffee shop in downtown Portland, I sat down with Maya Lucas. Maya came to NW Staffing when she was just in middle school, through a community outreach program, Girl’s Inc. and is now a Legal Assistant who was connected to her current position through Legal Northwest, the legal branch of …

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Keys to Explaining Job Hopping To a Hiring Manager

The job search can be a difficult one, especially if you’ve had some bad luck along the way or just haven’t found the place where you want to invest your life. While you’ve probably gained some excellent experience along the journey, job hopping can appear flighty and non-committal to a hiring manager. Remember that hiring …

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Advice on How Body Language Can Make or Break an Interview

Everyone knows that body language is critical during job interviews. It is a form of nonverbal communication that is just as important as the words you say. After you’ve perfected your resume with the right words, qualifications and references, your next step will be the in-person interview. This is when your body language will make …

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Benefits of Taking Temporary Work Assignments

Temp jobs can sometimes feel like a step in the wrong direction in the course of your career. In the past, they have not always been highlighted in the best light but the employment world has gone through some positive changes. More and more companies are keeping their team fluid and adapting to career moves …

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5 Tips For Improving Team Communication

It is critical for your team to communicate well. You want each person to feel comfortable enough to speak their mind, approach other team members and voice their ideas. While communication may seem like a simple task, you can work daily to improve it and improve your overall team dynamic with these 5 tips:  

Keep an …

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Cover Letter Writing Basics

Your resume is edited to perfection, your interview skills are honed, and you’ve mastered the job search keywords; what are you forgetting? Your cover letter. The right cover letter can help you get your foot in the door for an interview, then you’ll have the opportunity to wow them. With a high number of applicants …

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