Learn to Get Your Foot in the Door Before the Interview

It’s no secret that most employers like to hire from within. If you’re applying for a job with a lot of insiders applying, it might be noticeably more difficult to make an impression on the hiring manager. When you’re not on the inside, there are still ways you can get your foot in the door before the interview. Here are some tips that might help:

Scour Your Network

You should have your LinkedIn profile updated and your network buzzing with new connections, reconnecting with old connections and even joining new groups. You can learn a lot about companies, their hiring practices and even their culture from groups and posts. See if you have any mutual connections and use a low-key approach to start up a conversation. Maybe they have a high profile social media page that you can use as an icebreaker. Try to make the connection genuine or it might not be too helpful.

Research the Company

Look at their team softball pictures, find their Christmas party bloopers and know what they do on a daily basis, not just what their company website says. Be an insider from the outside.

Find Contacts at the Company

This is not the same as using your network as this step requires an informational meeting with someone at the company. You will ask them for a set amount of time, a preferred method of contact and describe your level of interest and share your personal information. Once you’ve had this meeting, be sure to thank them for their time.

Ask Questions

When you’ve been given access to someone at the company, either a phone interview or an in-person interview, have a strong list of questions ready. You’ll be asked if you have questions and there is nothing more disappointing to an interviewer than to not be asked any pertinent questions. You are interviewing them and they are interviewing you; get to know the company as much as possible before the next round of interviews.

Just because you are not an insider at the company doesn’t mean you can’t get insider knowledge through social media, mutual connections, and even some simple research. If you show interest during an interview, chances are, the interviewer will be more apt to share insight with you. With locations in PortlandClackamasBeavertonEverett, and Vancouver, our skilled recruiters are ready to help you take the next step in your career. If you’re excited for a new challenge, call NW Staffing today.

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