Moving Forward as a Job Seeker

If you’ve been anywhere on social media, you’ve likely heard the newest buzz phrase: the new normal. Things look quite different in our world. Every aspect of the way we live and operate has changed. The past three months have shifted all of our lives in drastic ways. If you have felt the shift come in the way of finding yourself looking for a new job, we are here to help. Below are four tips to help you move forward as a job seeker.

Brush off your resume, LinkedIn profile and references.

When is the last time you updated your resume? Make sure your job skills, positions and information is up to date and your resume is formatted for potential employers to read quickly and easily. Here’s a great resource for writing resumes.

Likewise, update your LinkedIn profile as well as turn on the button to let recruiters know you are open to opportunities. Begin to network with your connections and get in touch with potential references to let them know you are searching for a new position and they may get a call regarding you in the (near) future.

Be open to all types of opportunities.

As a staffing partner, we see this all the time: a candidate accepts a temporary job with our client. They do such a great job at that position that when the time comes for the assignment to end; we get a call from our client, who lets us know that they have created a long-term position for that person.  You never know what an opportunity could turn out to be. Be open to temporary or contract work as well as continue to look for that long-term position.

Utilize recruiters.

Recruiters at staffing agencies are connected to a myriad of clients in various industries. They are there to help connect you to a pool of employers you may not otherwise know about, so make sure you are connecting with recruiters and their networks as you move forward in your job search.

Be open to new industries.

Maybe you are itching for a new type of job- this could be the perfect time for you to explore a new industry. As we continue to ride the waves of the virus in our markets, we will see an influx of need in certain industries. Perhaps this will lead to your next favorite job!  

Looking for a new position or looking to add to your team? Let NW Staffing be your staffing partner as you move forward. We have unique options for our candidates and clients to fit your unique needs. Contact Us Today!

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