NWS Associate Success Story: Jonah

Finding a new job in a new city, in a new state, and in the middle of a global pandemic is a daunting task (to say the least). But that was the situation facing former NWS associate Jonah when he arrived to Portland after an exhausting cross-country move, at the end of December last year.

In a time when employers had largely stopped hiring due to the pandemic, Jonah knew that he’d need an advantage in his job search. He determined that partnering with a staffing agency – people who love matching job seekers with job opportunities – could be that advantage. And, believing that the relationship he could develop with a local recruiter would lead to a better experience, he focused specifically on finding a Portland-based agency.

Jonah reached out to our Portland branch recruiters, where he immediately made a great impression. His job history, though non-linear and mainly part-time, had helped him develop a wide range of transferrable skills. He clearly understood the importance of trustworthiness and reliability, good communication and attention to detail, and he was motivated to succeed.

Shortly after interviewing with NW Staffing, Jonah was offered a temporary assignment as a File Clerk with a local law firm. While he had no experience working in the legal field he felt confident that he could successfully apply the skills he’d developed throughout his career. He started the assignment in March, and by April was being given high praise by the firm for his positive attitude, work ethic, and tenacity.

What qualities made Jonah a great associate? According to our recruiters, “Jonah was willing to jump in and take on a position that others may consider tedious, and turn down. And he did a really great job of it! Throughout his assignment Jonah was thoughtful with his work and communicated well with us and with the firm. He consistently showed us what he was capable of.”

When his temporary assignment came to an end Jonah was offered a full-time permanent position AND a promotion within the firm! He had proved that he was a valuable addition to the team, worth investing in further. Several months later, and he is loving his new role and his employer, who he describes as having a caring and thoughtful culture.

Jonah’s advice to other job seekers? “It doesn’t matter what job you take – if you can establish early on that you can be trusted, that you are dependable, and that you will listen openly and ask questions, and if you give your new team the space to show you who they are, you can succeed anywhere.”

Congratulations Jonah – we are SO happy for you, and so grateful that you chose NW Staffing as your employment partner!

Are you looking for work? We’re always looking to hire motivated individuals for an exciting array of opportunities with great local employers. Connect with your local NWS branch to get the conversation started!

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