Pro Tips for Finding the Best Employees

Is your business ready to bring on a new employee? Whether you’re filling a vacant position or creating a new one, you want the best talent at your firm. NW Staffing Resources has been recruiting and vetting high-quality candidates for over 35 years. We’re sharing a few things we’ve learned to help make your hiring process easier:

Write a great job description

A clear and catchy job description is the best way to engage potential candidates. Create a concise snapshot of your company’s mission, the primary functions of the job, and your ideal qualifications. Don’t make job hunters wade through a sea of bullet-points to find critical information – being upfront about the schedule, salary, and benefits will let candidates know if your job will be functional for their needs.

Look beyond the resume

Don’t write off a candidate just because their resume doesn’t check all the boxes. If you look a little closer, you might find loads of valuable and transferable skills. We understand there are certain hard skills or program knowledge required, but often many elements can be learned on the job. Set your priorities, but think outside the box and keep an open mind.

Improve your interviews

Think of an interview as a conversation. Focus not only on why a candidate would be right for you but also ask questions to see if the job will really be right for them. Even if they have the perfect skills, an hour-long commute might kill their commitment. Are they looking for flexibility when you have a set schedule?  Be transparent about expectations and what it’s like to work for your company.

Get a cultural fit

Does your office boast flexibility and an open-door dynamic, or do you pride yourselves on your efficient, structured environment? Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge, but recognizing your company’s culture will definitely help you identify a better candidate. The range of personalities on offer will be vast – follow your instincts to ensure a seamless addition to your team.

Think it’s time to change the way your company hires? Let NW Staffing Resources take some of the pressure off of your hiring process. We’re always looking for community partners and offer a competitive pool of candidates for all your staffing needs. Contact your local branch today!


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