Three Tips To Win The Interview For a Direct Hire

You’ve made it to the interview process, congratulations!

Your next goal is to be hired, right? Chances are you’ve studied the company, know what to wear to the interview, and even know the right you’ll take the day of the interview. You’re prepared for most of it but are there ways to help ensure a direct hire? You bet.

Here are three tips to win the interview

1. Study the Job Description.

Look at the original posting as well as other similar postings from the same company. Do you see word trends such as team player, flexible attitude, teachable? When you see the same word over and over again on a company job posting or on their site and marketing material, you can bet it is a trait they value. Try to find those and think of detailed examples in your life where you exemplified them. The job should match your skill set as well as your understanding of the position. Think about your past jobs and how you used those skills.

2. Be Yourself.

You’ve made it this far, you’re obviously someone they want to pursue with an interview and more. That’s because you’re you! Don’t try to conform to an idea of what they want but rather know your resume, and what you bring to the table and be confident about your skills being a fit for the open position. Maintain your professionalism but don’t be afraid to be your unique self. A genuine smile, laugh and question will go far for making a good impression. Make eye contact, use appropriate body language and try to relax. Consider even telling a funny story or appropriate co-worker interaction at a previous position to build that rapport with the interviewer. People remember those who make them laugh and it can break the ice, making you both less nervous.

3. Know Your Worth.

Be prepared to show exactly how you performed at your last job. Don’t just rely on buzzwords but rather have some stats, images, and precise information. Use phrases such as, “I grew our business by 20 percent over two years with marketing, online referrals, etc.” Interviewers like to hear action words rather than just vague references as it will set you apart as someone who worked towards a goal, reached it, and takes pride in their success. Your resume will showcase you on paper, but you should have examples of your accomplishments at each prior job.

Follow up within 24 hours of your interview, thanking the interviewer, and expressing interest in the position. Your thoughtful interview and follow-up will help push you to the short list of potential candidates.With locations in PortlandClackamasBeaverton, and Vancouver, our skilled recruiters are ready to help you take the next step in your career. If you’re excited for a new challenge, call NW Staffing today.

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