Tips on How to Make Your Meetings More Productive

Meetings are a workplace necessity. They bring the right people together, they turn ideas into actions and they can determine the future of the company. Want to make them even more productive? Try these tips to make your meetings even better:

Start on time.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but have you ever noticed how one meeting starting late means the rest of your meetings start late and your entire day is off schedule? Not only will your meeting attendees be annoyed, they may not be able to stick around for the last couple wrap-up minutes, if they have prior obligations. Respect others and show it by starting on time.

Stay on topic.

Don’t let others steer the meeting off course. With a whiteboard or even sticky notes, you can write down their ideas, let them know they are heard but that their idea will be addressed later. Dismissing ideas in a meeting can be demoralizing but it can also take the meeting off topic, which can frustrate others. Find a compromise by taking note of the ideas but returning to them in a different meeting.

Shorten when you can.

If the meeting can end early, do it. Give your team back some time and they will appreciate the gesture. They will also be more willing to attend your meetings with the knowledge that you are efficient and know when to stop.

Skip it altogether.

You know the saying, “this meeting could have been an email” – keep this in mind when you’re planning meetings. Can it be handled via email? Your team will learn that you only have important meetings and will plan to bring their ideas and bring their A-game for what you have planned.

Send out an agenda.

Let your meeting attendees know what you have planned. Ask them to think about topics pertaining to the meeting. An email outlining the purpose of the meeting will keep the meeting on topic but also give your team a chance to think about relevant things beforehand.

Sort the attendees.

Only invite those who need to be there.

These simple tips can help you host more productive meetings and as a general guideline, think of yourself as an attendee and what you’d like to see or discuss. With locations in PortlandClackamasBeavertonEverett, and Vancouver, our skilled recruiters are ready to help you make your workplace the best it can be! Call NW Staffing today.

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