5 useful interview questions to ensure your next hire is the right fit

We interview numerous candidates whose experience ranges from fresh out of college to seasoned professionals every day at NW Staffing Resources. Even with our thorough interview and screening process, we encourage our clients to conduct interviews when placing a long-term candidate. Here are a few of our favorite questions to ask that go above and beyond the stock favorites of “tell me your greatest strength and weakness…”


Do you have an example of a time-management skill you have learned and applied at wok?  How did it improve your productivity?

This question addresses one of the most important factors of a candidate’s work ethic: how do they apply their time and productivity. Regardless of if you are hiring a forklift operator or an executive assistant, it is helpful to know before they start working for you if and how they will be able to address the daily duties the position requires. Bonus— you can ask a follow up question such as how do you prioritize your responsibilities throughout the day to complete them to gauge whether a candidate will get overwhelmed with the number of tasks the position requires.

What do others say you are an expert at?

Here’s a secret, it’s much easier to lie when you are the only factor in the situation. But, throw in another party and people are more likely to be honest with their response. This question will likely cause the candidate a pause and a thoughtful response.

Describe your most successful team experience.  What was your role?  Why was it a success?

In most workplaces, teamwork is a vital part of the job. This question forces you as the employer to know how your team works and will help you envision how the candidate will integrate themselves into the team and culture of your company.

What is the biggest misperception of you?

This question allows you to dive a bit deeper under the surface of the candidate. Maybe they’ve come across as shy thus far in the interview but they may just be an internal processor, processing your questions, body language and the over meeting all inside their head. This question allows them to speak up to who they are and strip of misconceived labels.

What kind of management style and communication bring out your best performance?

If you are interviewing a candidate who will report directly to you, please do yourself a favor and ask this question. It is highly beneficial for both you and your potential new hire as you will be spending many of your waking and working hours alongside them. If the way you communicate and manage does not work well with your new employee, it is important to know before you jump in with both feet.


Attracting, finding and keeping the right candidate in your company can be a struggle, particularly when the market is tight, as it is today. We hope that by tailoring the questions you ask potential candidates, you will have the insight and ability to make the right hire for a long-term fit.

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