5 Ways to Be a Strong Team Player

Does it feel like every week you hear something new about being on a team? We’ve all been on teams during some stage in our lives, but do you struggle with teamwork as an adult? It can feel like a fine line between being a team player and pushing to advance your own career goals. Here are some ways to be a strong team player without sacrificing your identity:

1. Be reliable.

Strive to be the team member who is always on time, always prepared and always there for others. Your team will realize you are someone they can count on and you might get asked to join more projects or even be put in a leadership role because you are seen as reliable.

2. Be kind.

This may seem simple, but a smile, a positive comment or a listening ear can mean the world to others. Everyone enjoys the outgoing, friendly person at the office, but even if you tend to be more introverted, you can be kind to others and set a strong example for your team.

3. Be assertive.

Just because you are on a team doesn’t mean you need to stay in the shadows. Speak out at the right time and be engaged. Sometimes the word assertive is confused with aggressive. Being assertive is simply standing up for yourself and being self-confident with what you know should be done or how it should be done. Your team will appreciate your input.

4. Be informative.

If you are doing something that affects your team, let them know. If you go above and beyond on a project, don’t keep it a secret. No one wants to do extra work, so if you don’t communicate that you’ve taken care of something, it’s possible another team member will complete the same task. If something needs to be done, let your team know so everyone can pitch in with their ideas and bring their own talents to the project.

5. Be supportive.

It’s never smart to “throw someone under the bus.” You don’t have to take responsibility for others’ mistakes but try to avoid calling them out publicly. Everyone makes mistakes and showing support for your team can mean smoothing over a mistake or alerting leadership to a problem, in private. Think about ways you would appreciate support from your team and try to implement that in your own life.

Your workplace team is one that you need to continually maintain. Without the support of your coworkers, your own success will be stunted. You can build others up while still furthering your own career goals. With locations in PortlandClackamasBeavertonEverett, and Vancouver, our skilled recruiters are ready to help you make your workplace the best it can be! Call NW Staffing today.

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