How to Evaluate Job Offers

After lots of applications, interviews, and late nights, you’ve received an offer! Take a minute to inhale deeply and savor a job well done; your perseverance has paid off. As tempting as it might be to accept right away, you’ll want to look at the offer carefully before making any kind of decision. With a clear head, begin to dissect the offer and what it means for your future. Here are some ways to evaluate job offers that come your way:

1. Look at The Money.

While you might have reasons, other than money, for changing jobs, it wouldn’t be smart to take a job for less pay. A professional move should put you in a better position financially, either with a signing bonus, a defined pay increase, or an overall bump in take-home pay. Taking a logical look at the money is usually the first and best step. Where you will be financially in 6 months if you take this job and sometimes the added perks can outweigh a large pay increase.

  • Will you have better benefits?
  • Will you have stock options?
  • Will you have a stronger retirement plan?
  • Will your commute cost more?
  • Will you need to spend money on clothing or other extras for the job alone?


2. Look at The Company Environment.

For some, the people around you, the job demands, and the management expectations are more important than the salary.

  • Do you like how they handle their day-to-day operations?
  • Do you think you’ll be given the chance to grow professionally?
  • Do you see yourself enjoying their culture for many years?


3. Look at Your Personal Preferences.

The company culture might be very social and you’re a more reserved person; you might find yourselfcringing at every mention of a team building event or you might want more chances to interact socially.

  • Can you be productive in their particular office setup? (cubicle, open office, etc.)
  • Can you travel if necessary?
  • Can you create a positive work-life balance with their required work schedule?
  • Can you manage the commute when necessary?

If you have been job hunting for a while, you might want to rush past this type of evaluation, take the job, and just move forward. Be careful though as you might be agreeing to a job that isn’t right for you and you’ll be back on the job boards sooner, rather than later.

Take the time to learn about the job openings, the company, and how you will be an asset to them. If you need help with this, ask our team of employment specialists for insight and advice.

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