Life Skills: going above and beyond

2020 has been an interesting year. As the world slowly gets back to a new normal and businesses and industries continue to open, we are looking back on these few months of disruption and appreciating the good that has come out of them. Recently, our Sales Director, Tracie Basile shared that she, along with a small group of mothers, created an extracurricular life skills course for their teenage children.

As we continue to serve job seekers and clients, we believe that going above and beyond is a vital part of our business. What better way to highlight this value than to let Tracie share her personal story of going above and beyond for her son!

Tracie, you collaborated with some other mothers to create a life skills course for your teenage children- tell us what you did.

Yes, I put out an outline of skills and several of our friends and family made suggestions. I continued to build the outline from there. My friends who utilized the outline customized it for their own families.

What prompted you to create a course for your son about life skills? 

There was so little school work during the remote learning. There are things that just are not taught in school and or skills that used to be taught in schools when I was young that are no longer. These are still important life skills to have. 

What types of skills felt important to include?

I broke the items into the following categories:

Home Ec.: Cooking, laundry, ironing and food shopping

Financial: Paying bills, budgeting, investing and Saving

Career: Resumes, interviewing, researching different careers and writing a business plan

Safety: Basic first aid, how shut off water/gas in house, what do if fire in house.

Etiquette: How to tie a tie, set table, etc.

What are the main take-away(s) that you hope your son gets from this course?

Increase his life skills, build one-on-one the time with family, as well as advance his interests.

What advice do you have for other parents of teens during these unique times?  

We have become home teachers without the education or training-that’s hard work! Keeping our teens engaged and learning outside of gaming is difficult. This curriculum has given us a format to do that.

If you’d like to work with our team that goes above and beyond in their work and home life, contact us today!

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