Your checklist for how to know when that job is the one

This week is Valentine’s day, and while you might be enjoying a heart shaped box of gooey chocolate, we know that saying yes to a job can be just as significant as saying yes to a partner. We think you should have some tools to help you know when that job you’re looking for is the one. That’s why we put together a checklist for you to know when to take the plunge.

When you think about a job, there are various factors you’ll likely take in- the commute, the company mission and values, the perks and more. We acknowledge that depending on your season of life, you won’t always have the luxury to find a job that checks all the boxes. But if and when you do here are four aspects that have been proven to be very important to job seekers.  


  1. It has opportunity for growth.

We encourage candidates to ask the question “Is there room for growth in this company” when interviewing with a potential manager. You’ll want to factor in your long-term career goals (read our post here on creating new goals!) as you take on a new position and hopefully factor in growth for yourself as well.

  1. There is autonomy.

You should be able to voice your thoughts and ideas with your management and your team freely. You bring valuable knowledge, responsibilities and skills to the table. That’s why you’re getting hired- and you should be able to know that what your bringing will be valued by all.  

  1. The management and company are healthy.

During your interview, did you align with the manager? Their views, their values? If there were any red flags, consider what the outcome may be six months or a year down the road.

  1. You enjoy what you do every day.

Likely, there will be some aspects of your job that you won’t love doing. But overall, you should truly enjoy what you are doing for the majority of your waking hours. Be honest with yourself when assessing the requirements and responsibilities of the job. If you know that you’ll be bored or distracted, maybe continue your job search for something that aligns more to your skills and passions.

If you’re interested in finding a job, we’d love to help you make the match! Contact us today to connect with a recruiter near you and we’ll help you make your own checklist for your next opportunity.  
February 14th, 2020

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