Quick Wins in Hiring: Expedite the Process Without Sacrificing Quality

It’s a common story for HR recruitment managers: all hiring responsibilities get pushed to you, but you don’t have the time or resources to engage in quality recruiting and your results are lacking. Maybe you’ve worked with staffing agencies in the past that had poor communication practices and slowed down your process. Or perhaps you’ve become disillusioned by high fees and candidates who lack the experience and skills you need. Is there a way to practice recruitment and fast hiring that yields qualified candidates who stay with your team for the long term? Yes – here’s how.

1. Refine On The Front End

Many times, HR recruitment managers get frustrated by the candidates they’re given. While a subpar staffing agency can certainly be to blame at times, there’s also often another culprit: low-quality work on the front end. In other words, think about how accurate and appealing your job descriptions are. How well are you representing your company and how thoroughly do you convey what you need to your recruitment partner?

If you’re looking for an office admin or light industrial role, you might think that you just need to throw together some bullet points of tasks the job involves and skills that are needed. But, there’s more nuance to recruitment than that. You also need to use the job description as an opportunity to relay your company culture, your vision, and the more intangible aspects of working at your business that employees will love most.

Think of it as painting a picture of what lies ahead for prospective team members, and then make sure the picture you’re offering is not only accurate but also inspiring. This will save time overall because it will draw in a pool of more qualified candidates and will ensure their capabilities better match your needs.

2. Find The Right Partner

If you’ve been disappointed by staffing agencies in the past, you’ve been working with the wrong agencies. The right recruitment partner will not only help you with creating the materials above, but they will also take the time to understand the finer points of your business’ operations and culture, so they can make sure your future hires are an ideal fit on a number of levels.

When you engage with the right staffing partner, you’ll be able to be far more efficient in filling roles quickly. They will already have access to a network of top-tier talent and the ability to screen them and move them through the initial phases of recruitment quickly and thoroughly. Since you’ll end up hiring employees who fit your company like a glove, your retention will improve and you’ll have fewer open positions to fill. It’s a positive cycle that makes your entire organization more efficient and optimized.

3. Provide Feedback 

Open communication is one of the most useful tools you have when working with a staffing partner. Make sure you stay in touch throughout the process and are honest about what parts work for you and what parts don’t.
Also, if you’re not satisfied with the candidates coming your way, say something to your partner quickly and plan to be specific about where things are falling short. The best staffing agencies will want to know how to better serve you and can take action fast if you’re transparent about your feelings.

Even though it might sound like wishful thinking, quality recruiting, and fast hiring can happen together. To achieve this, you need to be thoughtful about how you’re presenting open positions (and your company), work with the right staffing partner, and continually give feedback. Ready to become more efficient in recruiting top candidates? Let’s work together!

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