NW Staffing Employee Spotlight: Sales Director, Tracie Basile

We welcomed Tracie to the NW Staffing team shortly before the coronavirus swept through and changed everything. In her short time with us, Tracie has brought her creative and innovative expertise to our Sales Team to ensure we are serving our clients in the best way possible.

Tracie, tell us about your experience and journey that led to working with NW Staffing Resource.

I started my career in staffing 23 years ago. The first position I held was Business Development Manager. After 6 months, I was promoted to Branch Manager. Over the years I worked for the locally owned regional staffing firm, I held several roles both officially and unofficially, Recruiter, Onsite manager, Safety Manager, Sales Director and ended with this company as President and Co-Owner. We sold to a large national firm and I choose to stay on with them. The rest of  my career leading up to NWS was as a regional manager where I oversaw as many as 12 branches, on premise clients, and 50 employees in my region.

I recognized the most enjoyment I had in my career was when working for a regional firm. I had followed NW Staffing over the years and always had a high regard for the NWS team and the  reputation they held with both associates and clients in the marketplace. The opportunity presented itself and when I met with our leadership team, and I knew immediately  it would be the right choice for the next step in my career.

What has made you pursue a career in staffing?

I had recently moved to Oregon and was seeking a new position. In researching industries, I saw the staffing  industry was experiencing growth!

In some ways I fell into it. I interviewed with several staffing firms. I was attracted to helping and learning about businesses as well and helping people find employment. I met the owners of Employment Trends and saw their passion and excitement for the industry and for building a great company. I wanted to be a part of that. I truly love and have passion for what I have had the opportunity to do.

What at are 3 things you love most about working in staffing? What are 3 things that feel challenging about working in staffing?

I have loved the coworkers I have met and build long standing relations with. I also enjoy learning about businesses and helping them achieve their goals as well as seeing an employee get a job maybe higher pay then thought they could get or into a company they always wanted to work at. 

Alternatively, the challenges I have faced are that one has to have perseverance and resilience to adapt and grow in our ever changing industry. The situation with Covid-19 has changed how staffing firms operate. Initially, I would say this was a challenge, however we embraced it and were innovative and now operate differently than we did 2 months ago.

What advice would you give to someone who is coming out of college looking for a job?

Find a career you have passion for and enjoy going to work every day. If you are unsure, try it out. I feel very fortunate to have found staffing early on in my career.

What’s some of the best advice you’ve received from someone else about work, careers etc.?

 It is in the most trying difficult situations that your leadership skills will be tested. How you act/respond will define you a leader.

I think this especially resonates in the current climate. We have the opportunity as leaders to guide and help our employees/teammate successfully though this and come out stronger.

What do you love doing in your free time?

 I love to spend time with my family. I love the beach and sun and look forward to when we can travel again!

 ​What do you see as a opportunity for NWS as we ride the continual wave of Covid-19 this year? What is important for businesses to know about us? 

We adapted early and quickly. Our leadership was ahead of the curve on this one. This enabled us to be 100% operational remotely without a hiccup. NWS being regional can adapt and mobilize quickly for clients. We have worked with our clients to ensure our associate’s safety and we are a resource for guidance on staffing during this pandemic.

If you would like to work with Tracie and our excellent team of Account Executives- contact us today. We are proud to partner with each of our clients to assist in your unique staffing needs and goals.

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